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Jon Zapa is a composer, producer and pianist with an intense career as a performer and music composer.

Jon is skilled in a wide variety of music styles, modern techniques and the most modern equipment to create his unique productions. His music ranges from classical and film music to Pop-Rock and electronic.

His work as a composer includes videogames, film shorts and documentaries. He composes for several directors including Martin Van Hassel (Game of Thrones FX´s). Jon is also a usual collaborator of the composer Juan Bardem, having worked on films and documentaries for RTVE (Spanish Radio and Television Corporation).

Jon has also performed multiple times in live concerts and shows. Has been a member of Arwen Metal Band. Has worked with the french composer and singer Maxime Rodriguez, touring throughout several countries including three times Japan.

Jon studied at Trinity College of Music (London) with John Thomas, Orchestrator of John Powell´s film scores (e.g. How to Train your Dragon). He is graduated in Sound Engineering, Institute of Sound and Vibration (University of Southampton, UK) and has worked as acoustic engineer in the Netherlands.

This site is a sample of his versatile work, encompassing many different styles, but trying always to keep his own personality in every single piece.